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I have been to this clinic, many times.Never wrote anything about it but I am compelled to say something about this clinic.
The staff there is so good. Andrea is my Physiotherapist, she is GOLDEN!!! If I could bottle her healing hands and knowledge. I would!
Andrea has been able to make my shoulders, wrists, hip, feel so much better. But the whole crew there is amazing. So if you need a place to heal, book an appointment, and try this clinic out.
I highly recommend a visit . 


Moria:  - Love the online booking option! Receptionist was lovely and efficient. Impressed me by recognizing me from treatment I had 3 years ago at another facility. To be honest I went in looking for a relaxing/revitalizing massage but that wasn't the case. She took time to speak with me as to WHY I checked off areas of concern and suggested ways to improve movements. She really took an interest and even suggested daily stretches. Thought it wasn't massage I was expecting it was a whole lot better! She was able to dissolve a knot I had for 10 years that no one ever took the time to. .

Vanessa: - Eyal, one of the physiotherapist, is great. Professional and direct. Works with you to find the problem and does not shy away from doing assertive treatments that get great results. Thanks for getting me moving again.


Tripat S: - January is an amazing massage therapist, able to find the root cause of issues, for more lasting relief of my symptoms. Much stronger than she looks.

Jodie S.  -  Very knowledgeable, friendly, pleasant environment and staff. Was treated here for some pain (successfully) that previous massage and chiro wasn't able to relieve. Thanks Jen


Ivan O.  - I "lucked" out when I made my first appointment with ELIZABETH back in 2011 to treat my shoulder injury from a car accident. We were successful getting my shoulder back to what it was supposed to be after surgery, but unfortunately I tore it again and the other shoulder as well.. Back to ELIZABETH. I don't really know how to describe her dedication , expertise, and knowledge but , ABSOLUTELY , she is the best in her profession. Thank you Elizabeth.


Bill S. -  Chaparral Physio is such a nice change from other physio clinics I've used in the past. It's so nice to have a therapist stay with you for the session instead of spending a few minutes with you and then leave you to fend for yourself. I've always had a great experience at Chaparral, thanks folks!

Jeff R. - Extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding and professional clinic so close. Staff are extremely welcoming and friendly every time I've gone for massage. Gabriela has helped me deal with a chronic achilles injury to the point that I was able to compete in a 70.3 Ironman (21k run) after 4 weeks of treatment from no running to being able to comfortably finish the 21k. Can not say enough positives about this clinic. High recommended!











Al D. - The staff here are awesome, I've been using them to help keep me pain free for the past year while I've been ramping up my running. I'm positive I could not have succeeded in my running goals without these wonderful people. Thanks so much and I'm sure you'll help me make my next marathon an even better event.


Scott R.   -  I went to Chaparral Physio, based on a friend's recommendation, for custom orthotics. I was hesitant, because past "custom" orthotics from various chiropractors always seemed to cause more problems than they solved. 
Instead of just having me stand on a machine and press a button (like my past chiropractor), Chaparrals foot expert spent the better part of an hour analyzing my foot and leg structure, eventually taking a cast of my foot for the orthotics. I was really surprised by how thorough the staff were, especially compared to the 2 minutes my Chiropractor spent. 
The orthotics have been working extremely well, and have greatly improved my running times.
If you're looking for a thorough, attentive experience, I'd highly recommend Chaparral Physio. Other places don't seem to want to spend more than 5 or 10 minutes, but not CP. They seem to want to find and fix the root problems, not just do casual 5 minute procedures or "adjustments".

Andrea W. - Great place! Highly recommend it! Professional and caring staff!

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